ORLANDO, Florida – ASHRAE’s 2016 Winter Conference was attended by more than 60,000 people and Bio-Grid Systems high-tech demonstration booth was a major focal point for professionals looking to solve infection issues that occur in medical settings.
“We were absolutely thrilled with the level of interest in our proprietary system for disinfecting medical suites and our Bio-Grid Ceiling System which makes changes in surgical suite ceilings easy without having to undergo major construction,” said James Paver, co-founder of Bio-Grid Systems. The American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Airconditioning Engineers is the largest organization of its kind in North America.
Paver said more than 1,000 show attendees – mostly engineers and facilities experts – visited the Bio-Grid Systems display to see a demonstration of the Bio-Grid Systems, including the introduction of the dual-high-tech Bio-Grid Pure Vapor sanitizing disinfection system.
The Bio-Grid Pure Vapor machine is a programmable robot that is placed into a surgical suite. For a 20-minute duration it first applies a disinfecting fog and the disinfecting fog is followed by a special intensity Ultra-Violet light wave spectrum on a bank of 18 lights that extend on robotic arms to cover the room and prevent 99.99% of organisms from regenerating. In short, a surgical suite, medical room is disinfected from floors, walls to ceiling in approximately 20 minutes.
“I think its fair to say our technology pleasantly amazed the medical professionals and engineers attending this year’s ASHRAE show with the dual sanitizing capability and amount of disinfecting power,” said Barry Connelly, co-founder of Bi0-Grid Systems. “The first question they asked is contact for the local installer in my area – our answer is there certainly is and we are signing up distributors.”
Connelly said while Bio-Grid is based in Michigan, it has a global marketplace. He said both he and co-founder Paver come from automotive manufacturing backgrounds and have leveraged that know-how and robotic technology to meet a serious demand in the medical field to reduce acquired infections within hospitals and other medical and related settings.
The 2016 ASHRAE Winter Conference took place January 23 through 27 with a focus on best design-build practices, energy efficiency and sustainability while addressing current engineering and construction practices outside of the U.S. and Canada, said Jennifer Leach, conference chair.


Bio-Grid Systems is a subsidiary of E&C Manufacturing of Troy, Michigan. E&C Manufacturing, creators of the Bio-Grid ® hospital, medical & industry clean room ceiling systems and Bio-Grid PureVapor ® hospital operating & procedure room automated disinfecting systems. For more information please visit