BIO-GRID SYSTEMS® invites you to join us in celebrating Earth Day!

We are doing our part to help our planet with our Bio-Grid Ceiling System and Bio-Grid Pure Vapor technology to reduce infections in medical settings and other locations.

While many are focusing on the great outdoors this Earth Day 2016, we at Bio-Grid Systems are focused on what we can do – and you can do – by using sustainable products for the important role of disinfecting and reducing germs in health care settings.

The Bio-Grid Products are eco-friendly and reduce the use of water, harsh chemical cleaning agents (bleach) and paper towels, disposable wipes and other tools used to clean medical facilities.

While we are not planting trees this 46th Earth Day (some 7.8 billion trees are expected to be planted around the world!) all of us at Bio-Grid Systems are encouraging health facilities in the United States and around the world to utilize the latest technologies to reduce germs while minimizing the waste products normally associated with sterile cleaning.

So, what can you do to draw attention to the reduction of indoor pollution this Earth Day? Like us on Facebook and tell us about your local hospital or health care facility and we will enter them into our communication program and a chance to win a free demonstration of our patented Bio-Grid Pure Vapor technology. Please visit for more information on our cutting-edge technology or LIKE US! On Facebook at

At Bio-Grid Systems we encourage everyone to take a look at your own environment and take actions to reduce your trash output, use of chemicals and ways to improve our planet, whether it’s planting a tree or using a reusable water bottle instead of a plastic disposable bottle. Together, we can make a difference.

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