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Introducing the No. 1 in-demand Anti-microbial ceiling system for Hospital use:

Operating Rooms | Patient Rooms | Procedure Rooms | Clean Rooms | Surgical Centers

Bio-Grid Ceiling Systems

Bio-Grid Ceiling Systems are in demand by hospitals and medical centers. Based on their total flexibility, easy installation, anti-microbial and easy cleaning features as well as future technology adoption.

Bio-Grid Complete Modular Ceiling System

  • Anti-microbial white seals, aluminum panels & rails
  • Pre-manufactured 3-week lead time
  • Full ceiling installation for lights
  • Full ceiling accommodates lights and sensors
  • HVAC system flexibility
  • Mechanical locking ceiling fasteners
  • Positive pressure capabilities
  • Industry standard order sizes
  • Easily reconfigurable for new technology adaption, new equipment
  • LEED credits
  • OSHA confined space friendly
  • Easy access to overhead utilities and controls
  • No dust contamination, no construction down time

Bio-Grid Ceiling Systems are Already in-use at
major Hospital Health Systems across the USA!

Bio-Grid Pure Vapor

  • Portable room robot for disinfection protocol
  • Fully automated
  • Disinfecting room fogger
  • Programmable to room size
  • 95W Ultraviolet Light Array (18 bulbs)
  • UV-C light germ killing wave length
    • Deactivates micro-organisms
    • Does not allow micro-organisms to replicate
  • Ozone-Free
  • Total room disinfection in as little as 20 minutes*
* Depending on room size, configuration and microorganisms present.