SOUTHFIELD, Michigan – Bio-Grid Systems, a manufacturer of high-tech systems to disinfect hospitals and surgical suites, demonstrated its new Bio-Grid Pure Vapor system at Oakland County’s Medical Mainstreet meeting on Wednesday.
The innovative Bio-Grid Pure Vapor machine is an automated robot that is placed into a surgical suite. Once activated it emits a disinfecting fog that sanitizes germs in the room. The chemical fog is followed by a specific intensity Ultra-Violet light spectrum on a bank of 18 lights that extend on robotic arms and robot sides to optimize effective room coverage to and irradiate organisms from regenerating. In short, a surgical suite, medical room is completely disinfected from floors, walls to ceiling in approximately 20 minutes.
“We are very pleased to demonstrate the latest technology for hospital and room disinfection to Medical Mainstreet and the leading health care systems in attendance,” said Barry Connelly, co-owner of Troy-based Bio-Grid Systems.
Bio-Grid is a division of E & C Manufacturing and has presented its proprietary Bio-Grid Anti-microbial Ceiling Systems to Medical Mainstreet at a previous meeting. The modular metal-based ceiling system makes changes in surgical suite ceilings easy without having to undergo major construction, said James Paver, co-founder of Bio-Grid Systems.
The Bio-Grid Pure Vapor system is the latest technology introduction of E & C Manufacturing. The Bio-Grid Anti-microbial Ceiling System is already in use by numerous hospitals in Michigan and throughout the United States. The Pure Vapor system is in production and is expected to be shipped to medical facilities later this spring.
More than 300 people, including key executives from metro Detroit hospitals, took part in the Medical Mainstreet meeting and reviewed the Bio-Grid products on display at the Demonstration Alley, hosted by Priority Health at its headquarters building in Southfield.
I think anyone operating a medical facility has concerns about infections within the facility,” said George Miller, Director of Health and Human Services for Oakland County.  “Prevention solutions like this innovative technology from Bio-Grid would be most welcome in these medical settings.”



Connelly said while Bio-Grid is based in Michigan, it has a global marketplace. He said both he and co-founder Paver come from automotive manufacturing backgrounds and have leveraged that know-how and robotic technology to meet a serious demand in the medical field to reduce germ transmission within hospitals and other medical and related settings.
Bio-Grid Systems is a subsidiary of E&C Manufacturing of Troy, Michigan. E&C Manufacturing, creators of the Bio-Grid ® hospital, medical & industry clean room ceiling systems and Bio-Grid Pure ® hospital operating & procedure room automated disinfecting systems. For more information please visit
Editor’s Please note: Photo is of the Bio-Grid Pure Vapor machine demonstrated at Medical Mainstreet on Wednesday, March 16, 2016. Barry Connelly, co-owner demonstrates the Bio-Grid Pure Vapor Disinfection machine to conference attendees.
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